Summary and Evaluation of Cienega Creek Surface Water and Groundwater Monitoring Program Volumes I & II

Date: February 1998
Area: Cienega Creek
Purpose: Research
Information reported: Overview of Cienega Creek
           Depth to groundwater, streamflow rates 
       Water Quality  
       Flora and fauna
       Land Use/impacts
Climate Data
Groundwater and surface water monitoring
Comparison of groundwater and surface water trends
Summaries of previous studies
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On-line availability: Volume I (PDF 3.64 MB); Volume II (PDF 4.30MB)
REPORT SUMMARY A large amount of data was collected and numerous studies were reviewed for this report.  Groundwater level monitoring, stream flow measurements, and extent of flow mapping were conducted monthly at several locations along the lower portion of Cienega Creek and its tributaries.  Data collection also included diurnal measurements.  This report compares groundwater and surface water trends, as well as seasonal trends.  It also discusses the use of a groundwater flow model to show the impact of development near Cienega Creek.  Continuation of monthly monitoring is recommended. 

Volume I contains PAG's written text.
Volume II contains the Appendices.