Title: Unique Waters Final Nomination Report for Cienega Creek Natural Preserve, Pima County, Arizona
Date: November 1990
Area: Cienega Creek
Purpose: Site assessment and planning
Topics of major emphasis: Surface- and groundwater quality
Land-use management
Land Use: Grazing, mining, recreation, railroads, highways, utility corridors, retired agriculture, septic systems
Information reported: Groundwater and surface-water quality: Physical parameters, Major cations, Major anions, Trace metals, Organics, Bacteria, Nutrients
Hydrogeology: Water levels, Soils
Well construction
Detailed land use information
Surface flows
Format: Text, tabulated data, maps; hardcopies only
Cost: For review only
On-line availability: Yes, http://www.pagnet.org/documents/water/reports/ccnp_unique_waters_1990.pdf
The study was conducted to demonstrate that Cienega Creek Natural Preserve meets at least one of the State of Arizona Unique Waters nomination criteria. A description of the study area, surface- and groundwater quality data, analysis of the stream's susceptibility to pollution, and a water quality management plan are included. The study concluded that the nominated stream reach meets Unique Waters criteria. Other conclusions are that the stream is vulnerable to water-quality degradation from highway and railroad runoff, that the water quality of base flows is consistently better than state standards, and that it is not known if the stream provides essential habitat for species of national or state significance.