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Clean Water Starts With Me!



"Clean Water Starts With Me" is a stormwater pollution prevention campaign of Pima Association of Governments to educate the public about the impact of pollution on our desert waterways.

Every year, during the monsoon season, it is easy for stormwater runoff to pick up pollutants, such as pet waste, vehicle fluids, fertilizer, pesticide and trash, along the way and to deposit the contaminants in our fragile desert washes. Over time, pollutants can accumulate in washes, where they may harm wildlife. In addition, stormwater pollution clogs stormdrains, which can lead to monsoon floods and traffic backups when vehicles are unable to get through flooded areas.

  1. Keeping Our Water Clean
  2. Featured Outreach
  3. Watershed Pocket Guide
  4. Get to Know Your Neighborhood Wash: They Are Ours to Protect!
  5. Green Infrastructure
  6. Campaign Awards and Accomplishments
  7. Clean Water Starts With Me! Partners

Keeping Our Water Clean

Be the solution to stormwater pollution by learning about common stormwater pollutants and applying the following tips in your everyday life.

Common stormwater pollutants

  • Oil and engine fluids
  • Soap and residues from car washing
  • Litter
  • Pet waste
  • Household hazardous wastes and products
  • Fertilizers
  • Pesticides, herbicides and insecticides
  • Yard waste
  • Eroded Soil

Be a conscious commuter

  • Keep your vehicle leak free
  • Properly dispose of oil and automotive fluids
  • Use commercial car washes
  • Use alternative transportation

Be a good neighbor

Be a good citizen

  • Don’t litter
  • Pick up after your pets
  • Practice good horse keeping
  • Harvest rainwater
  • Report Illegal Dumping
  • Clean up litter in the community
  • Plant trees

Make it your business

  • Keep company vehicles and parking lots free of leaking fluids
  • Do not clean equipment outside near stormdrains
  • Store chemicals appropriately
  • Use landscape chemicals sparingly
  • Harvest rainwater
  • Pick up trash on your property
  • Keep dumpsters closed and leak free
  • Recycle
  • Follow stormwater protocols at construction sites

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Featured Outreach

Transportation Brochure

Watershed Poster

Clean Water Starts With Me! PSA

Coloring Sheets

Word Search

Stormwater Tips Brochure

Additional outreach materials and resources are available

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Watershed Map

The Watershed Map of Eastern Pima County, updated in 2018 illustrates a comprehensive approach to understanding and protecting our watershed by:  

  • Providing a practical guide to stormwater pollution prevention
  • Explaining how water can pick up pollution as it flows to the fragile desert waterways
  • Providing a 3D birds-eye view of our region
  • Helping the reader get to know, explore, understand the water system
  • Encouraging the reader to reduce one's human impact on our watershed
  • Additional green infrastructure demonstration sites are viewable on PAG's interactive Green Infrastructure Map

PAG's Eastern Pima County Watershed Map


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Get to Know Your Neighborhood Wash

One of the goals of "Clean Water Starts With Me!" is to aid the community stewardship of our valuable desert waterways. Click on the map to learn the names and locations of our local watersheds and nearest desert rivers. Share your knowledge with your neighbors to help decrease pollutant stress on our stormwater quality.

These maps were produced by TerraSystems Southwest for Watershed Management Group, using data from Pima County and the City of Tucson.

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Green Infrastructure

Streets designed with green infrastructure help to mimic natural washes by capturing stormwater to sustain vegetation. This process breaks down pollutants in soils, saves water, improves infiltration, provides cool tree shade, calms traffic and makes neighborhoods more vibrant.

Learn more on PAG’s Green Infrastructure page.

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Campaign Awards and Accomplishments

The “Clean Water Starts With Me” campaign has received the following recognition:

  • PAG contributed materials from the campaign to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Non-Point Source Outreach Toolbox as sample materials to help other communities develop effective targeted outreach campaigns for stormwater pollution prevention.
  • The campaign received a first-place award at the 2009 National Association of Flood and Stormwater Agencies’ (NAFSMA) conference. The “Excellence in Communication Award” was in the “Improvement in Water Quality” category. PAG coordinated with the Town of Oro Valley to submit the outreach program, which promotes stormwater pollution prevention. On Oct. 22, 2009, the Town accepted the trophy on behalf of PAG. NAFSMA represents more than 100 public agencies that conduct stormwater and flood management activities. The City of Tucson and Town of Oro Valley are members.

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Clean Water Starts With Me! Partners

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Additional Resources

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