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Strategic Plan

A diverse and vibrant business, educational, and governmental community that is fully engaged in making Southern Arizona one of the preeminent leaders in the world for the development and utilization of solar energy

To foster and encourage a political and business environment in which solar energy is seen to be and becomes a major source of economic activity within Southern Arizona

Pursue an inclusive, participatory, and cooperative decision making approach to determine strategic direction

Goals and Strategies
Establish the Southern Arizona Regional Solar Partnership as the forum within which a coordinated regional marketing strategy to advance solar power is developed and directed

  • Create an organizational structure to support the activities of the Solar Partnership

  • Attract a broad base of membership to support the mission of the Solar Partnership

  • Evaluate the Regional Solar Development Action Plan under development

Identify Southern Arizona as a significant and unique source of renewable solar energy

  • Develop a marketing plan to present Southern Arizona as a region that has the inherent resources for and is poised to fully embrace solar energy

  • Establish significant opportunities (e.g., discussion forums, scientific conferences) that will bring scientists and senior business managers to Southern Arizona

Through cooperative effort, encourage the political and business community to recognize that solar power represents a unique and vital resource to benefit humanity

  • Craft informational materials that convey the importance of solar energy to the future of the region and of the inherent value of solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuel based energy generation

  • Conduct an aggressive campaign to develop grassroots awareness among business and community leaders of the long-term advantages to be achieved through the greater utilization of solar energy and by establishing Southern Arizona as a leader in the field

Identify and encourage the adoption of policies that will enhance the regional community’s ability to attract solar manufacturing, research, and generation facilities

  • Identify, evaluate and assess barriers which inhibit the utilization of solar energy and craft strategies and incentives to counter those barriers

Promote the region’s natural and human assets that support additional investment in solar energy

  • Document the current human resource that exists in the region

  • Compile and effectively convey the regional value of potential energy derived from solar

  • Identify financial benefits and other efficiencies to be derived from solar investment in Southern Arizona

  • Conduct market sector briefings to convey the value of solar energy to current and future regional economic activity


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