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Southern Arizona, with over 300 days of sunshine each year, is uniquely positioned to use solar energy. By diversifying our region's energy portfolio through the use of solar power, we subsequently become more energy independent. The use of solar power helps support a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the creation of a vibrant local solar industry built on solar installer expertise.

Southern Arizona Regional Solar Partnership

The Southern Arizona Regional Solar Partnership seeks to increase awareness of solar energy opportunities through education and outreach. A cooperative effort among government agencies, local businesses, local electric utilities, solar manufacturers, solar installers and individuals, the Solar Partnership encourages the use of solar energy by identifying the benefits of using solar and educates others about solar opportunities to support our solar economy.

The partnership was established in 2008 in conjunction with a grant the City of Tucson received from Solar America Cities to develop the Greater Tucson Solar Energy Development Plan and City Solar Integration Plan. In 2013, the Solar Partnership established a professional technical training subcommittee. The key mission is to provide education and training to solar installers, and to partner with various organizations for continuing education opportunities and peer-to-peer inspections. Previously, these tasks had been conducted by the Southern Arizona Solar Standards Board. The Board was independently active from 2011 to 2013.



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