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Ways you can save

Below are a variety of tools available to you to identify potential commute savings. From Sun Rideshare's commute cost calculator to carpool or bus pass subsidies, there is something for everyone to help you start saving today. Sun Rideshare's Guaranteed Ride Home program also provides emergency ride home services when you need them most. A compressed work week might be another solution that meets the needs of you and your employer.

Commute Cost Calculator

How much does it cost to drive alone?  

The calculations shown below will give you an idea of how much money it costs to drive alone to work. Using your round trip commute distance, you can determine your operating costs*.  Depending on the number of people in a carpool, the cost will be significantly reduced.  Not only will you save money on gas, you will put fewer miles on your car, limit wear and tear and possibly receive a break on your insurance costs.


Number of miles you drive round-trip to work:   
Cost per gallon of gasoline $  
How many miles per gallon does your automobile average?  
Daily parking cost $  
Type of vehicle  

Daily Cost $  
Monthly Cost $  
Yearly Cost $  

*Costs include gas, maintenance, tires and insurance.

Source: AAA 2016 Edition "Your Driving Costs"



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