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The 5.7 % increase in bicyclists was calculated using the 39 “Core” locations which are spread throughout the region and have been consistently monitored each year with one-day counts since 2008. The calculation consisted of the difference of the three year average from 2014-2012 and 2008-2010 and dividing by the 2008-2010 value. [(6887 – 6512) / 6512] = .057 or 5.7%

Pima Association of Governments is an active partner in bicycle and pedestrian planning efforts in the region. As the region's metropolitan planning agency, PAG brings together diverse groups, interests and jurisdictions in order to improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs.

The region's bicycle network consists of over 1,000 miles of bicycle lanes, routes, shared-use paths/trails and bicycle boulevards. The region is committed to improve walking and cycling conditions and to encourage more people to try these healthy transportation alternatives. The Tucson/Eastern Pima County region also has a gold-level, bicycle friendly community designation from the League of American Bicyclists. PAG collaborated with member jurisdictions to submit the application and to be the first region in the country to achieve this designation.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program *3.4% increase in bicylists explained

Pima Association of Governments annually conducts a bicycle and pedestrian count. Each fall, jurisdiction staff and volunteers count at approximately 80 locations through the entire region and also include pedestrian counts as well. PAG began the program in 2008 to:

  • Better understand the trends and characteristics of cyclists by collecting cyclist data on: direction of travel, gender, age, helmet usage, sidewalk riding, riding the wrong way against traffic  
  • Evaluate planning efforts
  • Help guide investments

This October, Pima Association of Governments will conduct the annual Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Count.

Check out the most recent 2015 Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Report

2015's Top 10 Bicyclist Count Locations

2015 Rank Location Total Bicyclists
1 Park Ave / University Blvd 1,008
2 3rd St / Campbell Ave 908
3 2nd St / Highland Ave 699
4 Helen St / Mountain Ave 587
5 6th St / Highland Ave 535
6 Rillito Pathway / Swan Rd (Weekend) 372
7 La Cañada Dr / Moore Rd (Weekend) 333
8 Blacklidge Dr / Mountain Ave 288
9 Dove Mountain Blvd / Moore Rd (Weekend) 287
10 Stone Ave / University Blvd 282



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