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Stormwater Management Working Group

Stormwater Management Working Group (SWMWG) meetings are attended by staff of PAG member jurisdictions, state agency representatives and industry professionals. Membership is free and open to anyone with occasional meetings focused on MS4 discussions. PAG facilitates meaningful dialogue among members by bringing in topics on stormwater quality management and preparation for changing regulatory issues. 

The group provides feedback on PAG's Stormwater Program which  takes an integrated watershed planning approach connecting  water  conservation, transportation planning, flood control and green infrastructure.  SWMWG correspondence  informs PAG's annual stormwater outreach campaign, which provides cohesive messaging for non-point source pollution issues, creating stronger regional familiarity. The SWMWG also collaborates on joint efforts, such as construction industry trainings to aid navigation through varied local ordinances across the region. PAG’s integrated watershed planning also evaluates Low Impact Development  strategies and promotes regional advancement and consistency of best management practices.

Those interested in participating and receiving informal newsletters may call PAG’s Watershed Planner at 520-792-1093.


PAG Stormwater Outreach Annual Reports

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