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Clean Fuels/Clean Cities

Pima Association of Governments manages Tucson Clean Cities, a voluntary program of the U.S. Department of Energy to expand the use of alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuel, accelerate the use of alternative fuel vehicles and build a local refueling infrastructure for these vehicles.

Through its Tucson Regional Clean Cities Coalition of over 90 members, Tucson Clean Cities works with local businesses and government to guide them through the process necessary to establish the foundation for a viable alternative fuels market to help reduce dependence on foreign oil and reduce vehicle emissions, the single largest contributor to air pollution in many cities.

Alternative fuels include biodiesel, ethanol (E85), compressed natural gas, propane, hybrid electric, fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

There are two levels of commitment a Coalition member can make: Saguaro or Cholla. The Saguaro membership category offers a higher level of engagement by PAG staff to support individual Coalition members. The Cholla membership category is designed to allow individuals and organizations to participate in the Clean Cities Coalition and be recognized for their efforts.

Tucson announces new CNG trucks

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild presenting Tucson’s first CNG-fueled collection truck.

Also see the Tucson 12 YouTube Video

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