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Commuter Services

Sun Rideshare provides commuter services through a free, online matching database for people interested in sharing the ride. Sharing the ride through carpooling or vanpooling offers you a chance to save time and money, while reducing stress, traffic congestion and pollution.

Using an alternative mode of transportation one or two days each week does make a difference in reducing your fuel costs, vehicle emissions and possible wear and tear on your vehicle.

Commuters sharing the ride may be eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which provides free taxi rides home from work when there is a family emergency or unscheduled overtime.

Find a ride-share partner by registering on the Sun Rideshare matching database:

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For more information about Sun Rideshare programs or to request a personalized carpool matchlist, please call (520) 884-RIDE (7433).

Commuter Spotlight:
Venessa Nish, Tohono O’odham Nation Justice Center

Why did you start carpooling?
First, a vanpool is a group of commuters sharing the ride to work in a commuter van. Sun Rideshare’s vanpool program enables all residents in southern Arizona to save money and reduce the stress of their daily commute by starting or joining a vanpool. Vans are leased on a month-to-month basis through Pima County’s vanpool provider, vRide. Also, a minimum of five people are needed to begin a vanpool.
Venessa, how far do you commute and how often?
I live in Tucson but work in Sells, which is 65 miles away or a one hour commute. I currently am in a nine-person vanpool group.
Can you explain the logistics of your group?
We all meet at a Safeway parking lot at 6:10 a.m. on weekday mornings and arrive at the Tohono O’odham Justice Center an hour later. Returning, we will drive back to Tucson at 4:10 p.m. I drop everyone off at their cars and I drive the van to my home,
where it is parked.
Who drives?
A vanpool requires a primary and backup driver. Over the years, our vanpool group decided that everyone should be a driver to share the driving responsibility. As a result, we assign two drivers to split all commutes for a week and rotate accordingly.
How much does it cost to vanpool?
We each pay about $130 a month. This price covers all of the gas and the monthly lease of the van. I know driving alone costs an extra $5,000 to $7,000 a year, the typical annual cost of driving for most people in a year. I save on gas, but more importantly I save on the wear and tear of my car. Subsidies are also available.
Biggest challenge starting a vanpool?
The biggest hurdle is getting a primary and secondary driver among the interested vanpoolers. Once you try it, you will see immediate benefits.
To learn more about vanpooling visit or call 884-RIDE.



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