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Commuter Services

Sun Rideshare provides commuter services through a free, online matching database for people interested in sharing the ride. Sharing the ride through carpooling or vanpooling offers you a chance to save time and money, while reducing stress, traffic congestion and pollution.

Using an alternative mode of transportation one or two days each week does make a difference in reducing your fuel costs, vehicle emissions and possible wear and tear on your vehicle.

Commuters sharing the ride may be eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which provides free taxi rides home from work when there is a family emergency or unscheduled overtime.

Find a ride-share partner by registering on the Sun Rideshare matching database:

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For more information about Sun Rideshare programs or to request a personalized carpool matchlist, please call (520) 884-RIDE (7433).

Commuter Spotlight: Yumi Wong, GEICO Carpooler

Yumi Wong is a regular participant in the carpool program at GEICO’s Tucson regional office. She learned about the program from coworkers and HR communication. Through other GEICO employees, Yumi found carpool partners and now carpools on a regular basis.

“Three team members live on the northwest side of town near me. Carpooling was one of the easiest ways Commuter Spotlight: Yumi Wong, GEICO Carpooler to save money, as well as save a parking space,” she said. “[It’s] not always easy to get a spot.”

She likes to carpool because it creates less wear and tear on her vehicle, less money is spent on gas and it leaves less of a carbon footprint. It also makes it easier to schedule routine maintenance for her own car, and she gets to know coworkers outside of work.

“[I like to] meditate, eat breakfast, pay bills online, catch up on emails – one can accomplish a lot during the 30 minute commute,” she said.

Once in a while, she prefers alone time. On those days, she drives herself to work, though those days are “few and far between.”


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