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Traffic Volume Forecasts


Pima Association of Governments (PAG) maintains the regional travel demand models and databases to forecast the future travel, in support of the annual Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), Long Range Transportation Plan (RTP) development and a wide spectrum of other regional planning studies in the Tucson region. 

Use of Information

  • Although PAG’s regional travel demand model has been calibrated and validated using all traffic counts, census and household survey data, and other available transportation data available in the PAG area, the forecasted traffic volume maps produced by PAG’s travel demand model are largely based on the best estimate of the population and employment in Tucson region at the time when the model was used, which are often subject to change. Therefore, please check back often for updated data and information.
  • Information included in the maps may be downloaded from the links provided below and should be used for planning purposes only. If you have more recent data, it is strongly suggested that you make appropriate adjustments to the information based on your data as necessary.
  • The download maps are in ESRI's shapefile format, viewable with most GIS software.
  • Users are cautioned that the forecasts below are prepared for varying purposes and contain demographic and roadway network assumptions which may not be suitable for other purposes. The assumptions inherent in the forecasts can lead to significant differences in the forecast results. The user should understand those assumptions and exercise due caution before using the forecasts for other purposes.

Interactive Map


  • The model information included in the maps is subject to change without notice. Pima Association of Governments makes no representation or warranties, express or implied, as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness or rights to the use of such information.

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