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Commuting and Travel Characteristics

2000 Pima County Journey-To-Work Data – the 2000 Census collected and reported data on the commuting patterns and characteristics of workers 16 years and older.

PAG 2000 Household Travel Survey
– The objective of PAG’s Year 2000 Household Travel Survey was to obtain data about activity behavior and travel patterns of Tucson area households. The survey collected data on the activities and travel over a 24-hour period for all members of 2,076 households, a representative sample of the households in the Tucson area.

Tucson Transit 2004 Onboard Survey -- In October 2004, the City of Tucson conducted an On Board Origin and Destination Survey of the passengers on the fixed route transit services in Tucson, Arizona. The survey included the City of Tucson transit system (SunTran); the University of Arizona campus transit system (CatTran); and City of Tucson Inner City Express Transit (TICET) downtown transit service. The purpose of the survey was to collect data on the regional travel patterns and demographics of transit riders.

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