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Pima Association of Governments, with direction from its Population Technical Advisory Committee, prepares population estimates and projections for Pima County and its incorporated jurisdictions. As the region continues to experience rapid growth, accurate and reliable demographic information is an important planning tool for decision makers in many fields.

PAG uses census data to determine population estimates and projections that may be considered for transportation modeling or other efforts conducted by PAG.

Population Overview of the Region and Jurisdictions

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Pima County Population, 1900-2010

Population Growth Patterns
The 1900 decennial census recorded 14,689 residents in Pima County. As new migrants arrived in Tucson, they settled along the northern and southern corridors of State Highway 89/90; later arrivals moved steadily eastward. By 1970, development was constrained by federal lands to the east and development began to spread to the northwest. In 1970, the population center was located at Broadway Boulevard and Alvernon Way, it moved north to Sixth Street and Tucson Boulevard by 1980 and by 1990 was located near Sam Hughes Elementary School at Third Street and Norton Avenue. The northwestern growth continued through the 1990s and by 2000 the population was centered on the University of Arizona around First Street and Cherry Avenue. In 2010, the center of population moved southwest near the intersection of South Park Avenue and East Aviation Parkway. The earlier north-south pattern of expansion appears to be recurring and future development is expected to be strongly oriented around I-10 and I-19 corridors. 

Population Facts

  • Pima County's population is 980,263, according to the results of the 2010 Census
  • According to the State Demographer's Office, the estimated population of Metro Tucson (Pima County) is 981,168 as of July 1, 2010
  • Pima County's population is projected to reach 1.45 million by 2041

Census 2010 News


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