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Land Use Modeling & Forecasting

Pima Association of Governments has acquired land use modeling software (SAM IM) that will be used to generate future land use and population scenarios. It spatially allocates future population based on known existing land use, land developments and planned land use (e.g., jurisdictional general plans) in the PAG planning area. PAG has historically developed 25- year population and employment projections for sub county areas; however, this model will allow us to visualize future land uses under many different scenarios.
Currently, PAG staff is calibrating the model to indentify the relationship between land use and development, and the various impacting factors, and is working with jurisdictional staff in the Planning and Zoning and Development Services Departments to compile the necessary data for forecasting. PAG plans to generate a residential land use forecast on an annual basis and a more thorough employment forecast every five years.

Contact Information:

Aichong Sun
Telephone: (520) 792-1093, Ext. 453

Eric Kramer
Tel: (520) 792-1093, Ext. 472


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