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Transportation Planning

Pima Association of Governments' Transportation Planning Division develops many plans and programs, including the federally mandated long-range regional transportation plan (RTP) and short-range transportation improvement program (TIP).

The TIP is reviewed and updated annually by a TIP Subcommittee, which includes representatives from PAG-member jurisdictions.

The public may provide feedback for consideration by the TIP Subcommittee. Public involvement is also a component of the RTP update, which occurs approximately every four years in order to maintain a minimum 20-year outlook of the region’s transportation needs.

Both the TIP and the RTP include projects in the Regional Transportation Authority’s (RTA) 20-year plan, which was approved by Pima County voters on May 16, 2006. The projects in the $2.1 billion RTA plan are funded with a ½-cent excise tax and other regional funds.

While a number of local, state and federal agencies are responsible for planning, building and operating the transportation system in the Pima County region, PAG is responsible for determining the allocation of federal transportation dollars to its local member jurisdictions. The responsibility for building and operating the transportation infrastructure lies with PAG’s member jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction has its own transportation department and/or staff associated with planning, building and operating the transportation system.

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