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University of Arizona Needs Assessment Study

The University of Arizona Needs Assessment Study, which was conducted in the past year, identifies existing and short-term travel demand to and from the campus with existing modes of transportation.

In June 2008, Pima Association of Governments' Regional Council accepted the study. PAG contracted with Morrison Maierle Inc. to conduct the study, which was paid for with regional funds.

The UA is one of the largest activity centers in metropolitan Tucson with approximately 50,000 students and employees.

The growth of the UA population as well as community population has resulted in increased congestion and conflicts between modes of travel both within and around campus.

The executive summary at right provides information on project purpose and background, a 2010 travel demand forecast, potential projects for consideration for PAG's Transportation Improvement Program and possible travel demand management options. For complete details, the full report also is available at right.

Mode Choice vs. Distance from Study Area



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