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Travel Reduction Program

What is the Travel Reduction Program? Pima Association of Governments' Travel Reduction Program (TRP) is mandatory for employers that have more than 100 full-time equivalent employees at a single or contiguous worksite.

The program works with Pima County employers to advocate Sun Rideshare and its free commuter assistance services. Additional TRP requirements, listed below, are mandated by Pima County travel reduction ordinances.

2015 TRP Requirements

  1. Assign a Transportation Coordinator
  2. Disseminate Sun Rideshare information to employees
  3. Submit an Employee Survey every year
  4. Submit an Activity Inventory Report (AIR) every year in May
  5. Notify TRP staff of any changes at the worksite, such as downsizing or transportation coordinator changes

Program Background. Pima County and its municipal jurisdictions adopted travel reduction ordinances in 1988 as a travel demand strategy following a 1985 civil lawsuit (McCarthy vs. Thomas). The lawsuit demanded that the jurisdictions prepare approvable plans, containing all reasonably available control measures to attain the air quality standards at the earliest possible time in order to meet the requirements of the federal Clean Air Act. Employers with fewer than 100 employees can volunteer to participate in the program.

For more information, please contact Ruth Reiman at or (520) 792-1093.

Congratulations to the TRP Employer Award Winners

Sun Rideshare is recognizing all TRP companies for meeting 2015 goals:

  • Receiving a 60 percent response rate on their company’s employee survey
  • Increasing their company alternative mode usage by 2 percentage points from current level, (minimum response rate of 50 percent)
  • Meeting their company’s TRP ordinance goal for overall alternative mode usage, (minimum response rate of 50 percent)

Bronze Awards are given out to companies that meet one goal, Silver Awards for meeting two goals and Gold Awards for meeting all three goals. Sun Rideshare also will recognize these companies on our website and in the Arizona Daily Star in July 2015 and January 2016.























March 2015

Jim Click Automotive – 22nd Street

Transportation Coordinator –
Bonnie Massino

  • 67.0% response rate
  • 3.0 point increase in alternative mode usage

February 2015

The Lodge at Ventana Canyon

Transportation Coordinator –
Peggy O’Sullivan

  • 80.0% response rate
  • 9.8 point increase in alternative mode usage


January 2015

City of South Tucson

Transportation Coordinator –
Joel Gastelum

  • 64.7% response rate
  • 8.3 point increase in alternative mode usage

Costco Wholesale Grant

Transportation Coordinator –  
Nathan Burkhart

  • 63.6% response rate
  • 3.8 point increase in alternative mode usage





















March 2015

CAID Industries

Transportation Coordinator –
Laurie Vance

  • 2.9 point increase in alternative mode usage

Holmes Tuttle Ford

Transportation Coordinator –
Bonnie Massino

  • 84.5% response rate

Jim Click Automotive – Auto Mall

Transportation Coordinator –
Bonnie Massino

  • 75.5% response rate

M3 Engineering & Technology Corp.

Transportation Coordinator –
Trish Mallon

  • 75.7% response rate

Silver Bell Mining

Transportation Coordinator –
Debbie McMorrow

  • 65.6% response rate

TUSD Pueblo Magnet High School

Transportation Coordinator –
 Susanna Ugalde-Vazquez

  • 69.3% response rate

TUSD Rincon/University High Schools

Transportation Coordinator –
Lorraine Blackmon

  • 81.9% response rate

TUSD Sahuaro High School

Transportation Coordinator –
Sarah Genung

  •  62.2% response rate

TUSD Tucson Magnet High School

Transportation Coordinator –
Carlos Armendariz

  • 8.8 point increase in alternative mode usage

February 2015

The Forum at Tucson

Transportation Coordinator –
Roberta Gadilla-Sikorski

  • 17.5 point increase in alternative mode usage                

Kalil Bottling Co.

Transportation Coordinator –
Johnelle Norris

  • 12.1 point increase in alternative mode usage

Vail School District

Transportation Coordinator – Lisa Cervantez

  • Cienega High School/Preschool - 90.3% response rate
  • Corona FH Middle/Sycamore Elementary – 77.1% response rate
  • Senita Valley Elementary/Rincon Vista Middle - 62.8% response rate


January 2015

Coca Cola Enterprises

Transportation Coordinator –
Carla Presetti

  • 66.1% response rate

Home Depot Broadway

Transportation Coordinator –
Ed Buchannan

  • 2.9 point increase in alternative mode usage

Home Depot Irvington

Transportation Coordinator –
Jennifer Conniff

  • 69.5% response rate

Home Depot Marana

Transportation Coordinator –
Steve Kern

  • 95.3% response rate


Home Depot Oro Valley

Transportation Coordinator –
Tammy Myers

  • 71.7% response rate

JC Penney Tucson Mall

Transportation Coordinator –
Kris Panas

  • 73.6% response rate





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