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Employer Services

Good employees are hard to find. Once you find them, how do you keep them?

Each day area employers lose money because their workers arrive at work stressed from driving alone to work. Providing employees with a helpful commuter program is a great way to retain valued employees, increase productivity and expand your labor pool.

Sun Rideshare helps Pima County commuters and your employees with reliable and affordable transportation options.

Who Saves? Your company. Your employees. Your community. See the many benefits of using alternative modes of transportation here.

How can Sun Rideshare help your Company? Take advantage of Sun Rideshare's free Travel Demand Management program, made to ease your employees' commutes and curb your transportation challenges. Sun Rideshare offers:

Marketing Materials
Sun Rideshare offers transit schedules, brochures, bike maps and more.

Outreach Support
Sun Rideshare can host promotional events on-site at your company.

Travel Assistance and Planning

  • Consultations
  • Program planning
  • Implementation assistance

Sun Rideshare Travel Database
The Sun Rideshare Travel Database is an online ride matching database that provides Pima County residents assistance in finding a carpool, vanpool or convenient public transti options.

There are already thousands of people in the Sun Rideshare Travel Database, many of whom are looking to save money by carpooling. Register now and you'll be matched with the best candidates who live and work near you and have similar work hours.

If you already use an alternative mode of transportation, register for Guaranteed Ride Home, log your trips for the Sun Rideshare Rewards Program, or register to get the latest rideshare news and reminders about upcoming events and happenings, all FREE to you!

Please contact Ruth Reiman at or (520) 792-1093 for more information


Transportation Coordinator Spotlight:
Fonda Franklin-van der Sanden and Kory Cornelison,

Commuter Benefits

Most companies provide some sort of employee benefits. We’ve all heard of a 401(k) plan or health insurance benefits. At LivingSocial this is also true. Beyond these health or financial savings benefits, LivingSocial also provides commuter benefits. 

A recent Wall Street Journal article, Ten Ways You’re Probably Leaving Money on the Table, explains: 

“While roughly 11.7 million workers have access to a commuter-benefit plan, consumer-directed benefits administrator WageWorks estimates that fewer than 3 million sign up for it. They’re missing out on potentially hundreds of dollars in annual savings.” 

LivingSocial helps its employees get to work and beyond 
LivingSocial employees work directly with their benefits administrator, WageWorks, and commuter subsidies are directly added to the employees’ paychecks. LivingSocial provides the following commuter benefits to its employees: 
     • 50% subsidy on public transportation (e.g. bus) up to $100/month 
     • 50% subsidy on parking costs up to $100/month 
     • Bike subsidy for up to $20/month on bike costs and repairs 
How LivingSocial promotes alternative forms of transportation 
In May 2013, LivingSocial kicked off National Transportation Month by rolling out the incentives provided by Pima Association of Governments’ Travel Reduction Program. Employers were able to create their own incentive programs to promote alternative transportation. 

LivingSocial raffled off monthly gift baskets to those who carpooled, biked or rode the bus to work in a given month. The program proved to be a huge success for LivingSocial, as measured by an increase in bike ridership, carpools, and overall education and transparency of the commuter benefits the company offers its employees. 

The biggest internal challenge has been finding the best way to communicate and promote the Sun Rideshare information to employees, and trying to answer “What do people really want?” LivingSocial saw that people love incentives and information. From gift baskets to bike maps, to information on bike events, the LivingSocial employees liked getting involved. 

LivingSocial has continued to offer information to its employees and is still seeing the number of people using these alternative modes of transportation grow. 

Congratulations to LivingSocial for going above and beyond.




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