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Regional Pavement Management System

While PAG owns no roadway infrastructure of its own, the agency coordinates a Regional Pavement Management System. This role has included ensuring compatibility of pavement management databases and information collection techniques among PAG member agencies.

PAG is taking a more prominent role in coordinating regional pavement data collection among its member agencies through the use of a shared resource Automatic Road Analyzer (ARAN) pavement management van. The ARAN van is operated by the City of Tucson and collects consistent and accurate data about particular roadways such as pavement condition, the ride quality of the roadway, and precise location information of specific features on or near the roadway. The ARAN van is able to accomplish this by using a variety of sensors, a sub-meter global positioning system, video and machine vision systems, and computers. More information about the ARAN van housed and maintained by the City of Tucson is available at

The Regional Pavement Management System provides PAG member agencies with the appropriate tools and data to assess the deterioration of publicly owned roadways and other roadway infrastructure. Accurate management of the multi-billion dollar roadway infrastructure is essential for allocating and optimizing the impact of available maintenance budgets.


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