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Pima Association of Governments is responsible for regional transit planning activities as well as the coordination of several state and federal funding programs for public transit. PAG works with local jurisdictions, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and many private, non-profit agencies to plan for a regional network of transit services.

Long-range transit planning is conducted as part of PAG’s regional transportation plan (RTP). The current long-range plan is the 2040 RTP, which provides a broad vision and goals for a balanced, multi-modal and sustainable transportation system over the next 25 years.

Individual transit agencies or municipalities conduct short-range planning. Short-range programming of major transit projects is included in the five-year Transportation Improvement Program. The projects include transit investments, such as the purchase of new buses and vans, upgraded maintenance facilities, replacement equipment, new transit stations and annual service operations.

Summary of Transit Visioning Workshops

Three transit visioning workshops were held in May 2015 at Pima Association of Governments for participants to discuss transit priorities to guide regional planning and future investments and to provide input to guide the transit vision for the region and PAG's 2045 Regional Transportation Plan.

Below is a summary report as well as a brief summary statement from transit consultant Jarrett Walker and a full video of his report back to transit stakeholders:

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PAG Short-Range Transit Plan

PAG's Short-Range Transit Program Implementation Plan provides an overview of transit in the Tucson region, helps coordinate regional transit planning by describing a five-year schedule of regional transit capital and operating expenditures, and describes transit policies and processes used by regional leadership to reach consensus-oriented decisions at PAG and Regional Transportation Authority meetings.

Special Transportation Needs

Human service agencies coordinate with public transit to meet special transportation needs for their clients. A variety of public and private transportation options are available to meet the mobility needs of these clients.

The Coordinated Transportation Plan establishes a guideline for administering three Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant opportunities for people with special needs.

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