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Special Needs Transportation Services


Human service agencies coordinate with public transit to meet special transportation needs for their clients.There are three paratransit services in the PAG region. Each of these services requires advance reservations and provides door-to-door service between the rider’s location and his/her destination. The ADA Eligibility Office of the City of Tucson determines eligibility for all the publicly funded transit in the region.

Sun Van serves ADA-eligible persons who reside within ¾ of a mile of a Sun Tran bus route.

Sun Shuttle Dial-a-Ride, with service provided by Total Transit, serves a substantial portion of eastern Pima County.

Sun Shuttle Oro Valley provides trips to destinations within the town and to designated areas south, east and west of Oro Valley. Elderly (62+) residents of Oro Valley also are eligible to ride regardless of their disability status.

Sun Tran and Sun Shuttle buses are transit systems for the general public that are accessible to disabled persons and the elderly. No advance reservations are required. However, these operate on fixed routes and schedules and do not offer door-to-door service.

In addition, there are several commercial providers of paratransit services, some of whom operate wheelchair lift-equipped vehicles. The private pay rate for such paratransit service is substantially higher than for the publicly subsidized transportation described above. A number of Human Services agencies also operate lift-equipped vehicles, but these usually are restricted to serving clients of their programs.

The Coordinated Transportation Plan establishes a guideline for administering three Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant opportunities for people with special needs.

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