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Sun Rideshare

Sun Rideshare, a regional commuter assistance program of Pima Association of Governments, offers transportation alternatives essential to the region’s seamless transit system.

Sun Rideshare provides services that make alternative transportation, such as carpooling, vanpooling, mass transit, biking, and walking more affordable, accessible and convenient.

The Sun Rideshare online Travel Database provides quick information and helps you find the best transportation option for your daily commute or trips to other destinations. Choosing an alternative mode of transportation has never been easier and provides many benefits for you and your community: cost and time savings, reduced congestion, improved air quality, and less dependence on foreign oil.




Carpool Karaoke and Transit Trivia all part of inaugural Rideshare Week, Nov. 14-18

If you haven’t tried carpooling, vanpooling, or riding the bus or streetcar, Pima Association of Governments’ new Rideshare Week, Nov. 14-18, will be a great time to give one of these alternative modes a try.  For newbies or regular bus riders and carpoolers, Rideshare Week will be full of fun, entertainment, games, prizes and, possibly, new friends.

To encourage commuters to carpool and vanpool, Sun Rideshare created its own version of carpool karaoke and is inviting you to join in the fun.

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Do Zombies Carpool? Infomercial

Sun Rideshare produced a new infomercial called, "Do Zombies Carpool?" Learn more about ridesharing, how YOU can drive less, and if zombies really do carpool.

Drive Less Earn Points. Get Rewards.

Sun Rideshare's new Rewards Program started January 1.

Register with the Sun Rideshare Travel Database today to start earning points for your chances to get rewards or to find a carpool partner or vanpool group.


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