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Commuter Services

Sun Rideshare provides commuter services through a free, online matching database for people interested in sharing the ride. Sharing the ride through carpooling or vanpooling offers you a chance to save time and money, while reducing stress, traffic congestion and pollution.

Using an alternative mode of transportation one or two days each week does make a difference in reducing your fuel costs, vehicle emissions and possible wear and tear on your vehicle.

Commuters sharing the ride may be eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which provides free taxi rides home from work when there is a family emergency or unscheduled overtime.

Find a ride-share partner by registering on the Sun Rideshare matching database:

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For more information about Sun Rideshare programs or to request a personalized carpool matchlist, please call (520) 884-RIDE (7433).

Commuter Spotlight: Paul Scarce, University of Arizona

Paul Scarce, a senior information technology support analyst, at the University of Arizona, usually uses transit to get to and from work. About once a month, he’ll telework, or work from home, on days with medical appointments or other things that come up that cannot be shifted to accommodate usual working hours. As an avid Sun Rideshare Rewards participant, he regularly logs his trips, and won Sun Rideshare’s $50 Car Free Day drawing for logging his telework trip on Aug. 17.

During the transit worker strike, he decided to telework more often. “I save considerable time, [factoring in] one to one-and-a-half hours each way on the transit system. So, I actually wind up starting earlier and possibly working a little later than if I have to use the bus,” he said. “I’m extremely fortunate that about 75 percent of what I do doesn’t necessarily require my physical presence.”

Telework, he says, can help employees with logistic and physical challenges to be able to work productively. It saves time and money for the employee and may provide a less stressful environment.

The company, too, may benefit because highly motivated employees may be more productive, Scarce added.

Teleworking does have its challenges. “Some employees could be challenged if they do not have a fast enough Internet connection,” Scarce noted, especially when it comes to productivity and being able to access their work. 


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