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Tucson Modern Streetcar Land Use and Development Implementation Plan

In March 2012, Pima Association of Governments (PAG) sought proposals from qualified professional firms or individuals, either singly or through a joint venture with others, to develop a Tucson Modern Streetcar Land Use and Development Implementation Plan. The Plan will address barriers, gaps and needed refinements in the current City of Tucson land use plans, zoning maps, and development and design standards to support development around the Tucson Modern Streetcar route. PAG plans to select the consultants for the project in May 2012 with work to begin in June 2012. This project will be managed by PAG in coordination with the City of Tucson. PAG’s approval or acceptance of consultant work documents will not imply or require implementation of consultant recommendations by the City, but rather signify that the documents are complete and valid. The City of Tucson will be solely responsible for implementing outcomes from the study.

  • Legal Notice, Word or PDF
  • RFP, Word or PDF
  • Appendix A, Word or PDF
  • Appendix B, Word or PDF
  • Appendix C, Excel or PDF
  • Appendix D, Word or PDF
  • Pre-proposal Meeting Attendance, PDF (added 02/28/2012)
  • Tucson's Transit and Infill Strategies, PDF (added 03/02/2012)
  • Pre-proposal Meeting Responses, PDF (added 03/02/2012)

Additional Information (added 2/13/2012)

Questions regarding this RFP are to be submitted to PAG in writing by e-mail or fax to the attention of Teresa Ruiz at (520) 620-6981(fax), or by e-mail at:


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