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2030 RTP Transit Element Study

The following study was completed in three phases as part of the development of the 2030 Regional Transportation Plan:

  • Phase I: Inventory and Analysis of Transit Services and Facilities (740KB PDF) was completed in April 2003. This technical memorandum provides an inventory of existing transit services and facilities in the Tucson region. It identifies major features and recent trends relating to transit service development while providing a context for potential recommendations.
  • Phase II: Identifying Future Transit Growth Markets (4,828KB PDF) was completed in June 2003. This technical memorandum identifies areas in the region that exhibit potential for transit service growth. These areas include major corridors that are expected to experience significant transit demand over the next 25 years.
  • Phase III: Recommended Transit Service and Facility Improvements (3,123KB PDF) was completed in September 2003. This technical memorandum identifies recommended transit improvements, services, facilities and supporting actions that will meet mobility needs of the region. Recommendations are provided within the framework of three potential alternatives.



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