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Transportation Safety and Security Program

The Transportation Safety and Security Program was launched through PAG’s inaugural Regional Transportation Safety Forum held in May 2003. The forum served as a venue for the exchange of transportation safety information with updates on federal transportation legislation and safety activities, lessons learned from other regional programs, and a wide array of information from regional stakeholders on the various transportation safety activities going on throughout the region. The forum also identified some of the key issues and needs related to transportation safety in the region. 

Transportation safety was identified as the No. 1 concern by the public as part of the 2030 Regional Transportation Plan outreach efforts in the Tucson metropolitan area. This clear indication demands better planning and coordination of transportation safety activities for the region. 

PAG's transportation safety planning work extends  statewide through membership on the Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Council and development of a statewide plan for transportation safety and related programs. This work has enabled PAG to have more impact and input into the development of statewide funding strategies, legislation development and program activities to address issues like safety education, enforcement, data needs, and safety analysis among others.

PAG is also actively involved in regional transportation security activities. This includes PAG's partnership with the Pima County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security in holding Regional Incident and Emergency Management Forums in 2003 and 2006, a tabletop exercise for interstate traffic incident management in 2007, coordination of planning activities for hazard mitigation and emergency transportation, and participation in the development of a new evacuation plan for the PAG region.


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