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Commuter Services

Sun Rideshare provides commuter services through a free, online matching database for people interested in sharing the ride. Sharing the ride through carpooling or vanpooling offers you a chance to save time and money, while reducing stress, traffic congestion and pollution.

Using an alternative mode of transportation one or two days each week does make a difference in reducing your fuel costs, vehicle emissions and possible wear and tear on your vehicle.

Commuters sharing the ride may be eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which provides free taxi rides home from work when there is a family emergency or unscheduled overtime.

Find a ride-share partner by registering on the Sun Rideshare matching database:

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For more information about Sun Rideshare programs or to request a personalized carpool matchlist, please call (520) 884-RIDE (7433).


Commuter Spotlight:
Brian Alden and Aaron Peckels, B/E Aerospace

Why did you start carpooling?
BA - I just bought a new house, and I now have a 45- to 60-minute commute every day.  Gas costs are a big part of my budget, and this really can’t be good for my carbon footprint either.
How do you effectively arrange the carpool? 
AP - Brian drives since his vehicle is much more efficient. We split the cost of gas 50/50 and keep track of the tab on a shared spreadsheet. We tend to like the same music, so Brian will play his music, or we’ll listen to the radio. Being new homeowners, we talk about projects we are working on and other house-related topics.
What do you like about carpooling?  And what don’t you like?  Any concerns?
BA - I like reducing my gas bill and carbon footprint.  I like that Aaron and I have become closer friends as a result.  I like that it forces me to leave on time every day (to and from work).  I have lost out on some audio book listening time, but that’s chump change.
AP –It has helped both of us get to and from work at a consistent time. Since I don’t have my vehicle to go to lunch, I have opted to bring my lunch to work – which has resulted in further cost savings. However, I can’t run errands over my lunch break.
Any recommendations for someone interested in carpooling for the first time?
AP - Sign up on the Sun Rideshare website and search for carpool matches. Take the initiative to contact the matches and try to set up a carpoolarrangement. 
BA - This is how Aaron and I learned we lived across the street from each other [Sun Rideshare travel database]. It even allows you to set match restrictions based on how far out of your way you’re willing to go, how you want to divide responsibility and what personal preferences you have for radio/talk, etc.



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