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Regional Airports

The PAG regional airport system is comprised of nine airports.There are also a number of private airstrips and helicopter pads in the PAG region; however, these are not included in the Regional Airport System Plan.

Ajo Municipal Airport is located in western Pima County, approximately 130 miles west of Tucson, near the Town of Ajo. The airport is owned and operated by Pima County. Ajo Municipal can accommodate helicopters, single-engine, and some small multi-engine, general aviation aircraft.
  • Single runway
Marana Northwest Regional Airport is located in north-central Pima County, approximately 18 miles northwest of Tucson's central business district. The airport is owned and operated by the Town of Marana and can support a full range of general aviation aircraft, including corporate/ business jets. It can accommodate general aviation aircraft with a takeoff weight of 12,500 pounds or less.
  • Two Runways
La Cholla Airpark is privately owned and operated by its residential community. The Airpark supports primarily small multi-engine and single-engine general aviation aircraft. La Cholla Airpark is located near Oro Valley, 15 miles north of Tucson's central business district. Transient aircraft are welcome on a prior permission only basis. Proof of aircraft insurance is required prior to landing permission being granted. As a private airport. La Cholla retains the right to refuse landing permission to non-members.
  • Single Runway
Benson Municipal Airport is the newest airport in the Region, located in Cochise County, just east of Pima County. Benson Municipal opened in December 1999 and serves helicopters, single-engine aircraft and small multi-engine general aviation aircraft. The airport is owned and operated by the City of Benson and provides service to the east side Pima County residents.
  • Single Runway
Pinal Airpark is located within, and used by, the Evergreen Air Center, just north of the Pima/Pinal County line, in Pinal County. Large aircraft are serviced, stored, and/or restored at Pinal Airpark, while some aircraft are simply disassembled and used to provide parts. Pinal Airpark is publicly owned and open for public use, and is operated by Evergreen Air Center. This airpark can accommodate precision approach operations and serves general aviation aircraft, business jets, and turbo props up to 60,000 pounds.
  • Single Runway
Ryan Airfield is the primary reliever airport for Tucson International. Ryan Airfield is owned and operated by the Tucson Airport Authority, and is located southwest of Tucson in Pima County. Ryan Airfield's three-runway system can accommodate small corporate and business jets, as well as a full range of multi- and single-engine, general aviation aircraft up to 60,000 pounds. This airport also accommodates considerable flight training activity.
  • Three Runways
Sells Airport is located on the Tohono O’odham Reservation near the Town of Sells. The airport is approximately 60 miles west of Tucson. The Sells Airport is owned and operated by the Tohono O’odham Nation. The airport is served by a single runway 5,830 long feet by 48 feet wide, which is in fair condition. Aviation activity at Sells includes business use from the Indian Health Center, U.S. Customs, and contractors doing work with the Tohono O’odham Nation. Emergency medical evacuations are also common.
  • Single Runway
Tucson International Airport is located 8 miles south of Tucson's business district and supports a wide range of commercial service and air cargo activities. The airport property is owned by the City of Tucson and the airport is owned/operated by the Tucson Airport Authority. Its facilities can support a full range of aircraft sizes, including large commercial planes. In addition to supporting commercial and air cargo activities, this airport also accommodates a notable amount of general aviation and business activity and shares use with the Arizona Air National Guard's 162nd Fighter Wing Training Program.
  • Three Runways
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is owned and operated by the Department of Defense. Davis-Monthan AFB is located within the eastern part of Tucson and accommodates high-performance military jets. It also functions as a storage facility for a wide variety of inactive military aircraft. Davis-Monthan AFB is not open for public use without a Department of Defense approved landing permit, but is included in the regional analysis primarily because of its influence on the airspace of Pima County.
  • Single Runway
In addition to flights, several special use aviation activities occur at airports in the PAG region including recreational and sport aviation, experimental aircraft, gliders, ultralights, ballooning, and parachuting. Special uses at specific airports include:
  • Recreational skydiving and training occurs at the Marana Northwest Regional Airport, Pinal Airpark, and Benson Municipal Airport.
  • Pilot training occurs at Ryan Airfield.
  • Military pilot training occurs at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.
  • Gliding/soaring facilities and services available at El Tiro Gliderport.

Airport Facts

Tuscon International reports the following passenger statistics for 2006*:

  • Passenger Arrivals/Departures: 4,226,759
  • Aicraft Operations: 270,348
  • Daily Departures: 71 Average
  • Daily Seats: 7,259

The airport employs nearly 13,000 people with a payroll of $72 million.



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