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Transportation Enhancement Program

The Transportation Enhancement Program is administered by the Arizona Department of Transportation and is designed to go beyond the traditional transportation improvement by:
  • creatively integrating transportation facilities into surrounding communities and natural environment
  • preserving existing environmental and cultural resources impacted by transportation
  • enhancing new and existing transportation facilities
  • encouraging the use and enjoyment of multiple transportation modes.
Successful projects must go through a regional review process, administered by Pima Association of Governments, prior to submittal to ADOT. The regional TE process is outlined in the TE primer located under the Resources heading to the right. Every project application must have a government sponsor.

Application Info

  • The current TE application cycle, Round 19, kicked off in early 2012.
  • PAG released a one-page, pre-application form in January 2012 that outlined the project.
  • Deadline for Round 19 pre-application was March 1, 2012.
  • Pre-applications will be screened in early March 2012 by the Transportation Enhancement Task Force (TETF) for eligibility.
  • Eligible applicants are working with their sponsoring jurisdiction (all applications must have a jurisdictional sponsor) to develop a full project application (applications are now available – please contact PAG for information on how to access the application).
  • Project applications were returned to PAG for review and ranking by the PAG TETF by 5:00 p.m. on May 4, 2012. 
  • TETF will review and rank the project application in late May 2012.
  • Ranks are important as the region can only submit a certain number of applications (based on the total funding available statewide).
  • Applicants revise their applications to address comments/concerns raised by the TETF.
  • Applicants are required to turn in their final applications to PAG on Thursday, July 5, 2012, for submittal to ADOT.
  • The ADOT Transportation Enhancement Review Committee (TERC) meets in early October 2012 to make project funding recommendations to the Arizona State Transportation Board (ASTB).
  • ASTB will make the funding determination at its October or December 2012 meeting.

Transportation Enhancement Projects in the Region

The PAG region has received funding and completed many TE projects over the past two decades. Click on the list of TE Funded Projects in the PAG Region under the Resources heading on this page to see a summary of every TE project in the region and the status of the project. View the TE Tour to learn detailed information and see pictures of notable projects.  



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