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Bicycle and Pedestrian Evaluation Programs

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program
Pima Association of Governments annually conducts a bicycle and pedestrian count. PAG began the program in 2008 to better understand the trends and characteristics of cyclists, to evaluate planning efforts and to help guide investments. Each fall, jurisdiction staff and volunteers count at approximately 80 locations through the entire region and also include pedestrian counts as well. Below is the current report:

In addition to the raw count, other data is collected on the cyclists including:

  • Direction of travel
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Helmet usage
  • Sidewalk riding
  • Riding the wrong way against traffic  

Top 10 bicyclist count locations in 2014



Total Bicyclists

Park Ave / University Blvd 1 1,084
Rillito Pathway / Mountain Ave Bridge (both sides of pathway) (Weekend) 2 1,025
3rd St / Campbell Ave 3 894
2nd St / Highland Ave 4 794
Rillito Pathway / Mountain Ave Bridge (both sides of pathway) 5 750
Helen St / Mountain Ave 6 714
6th St / Highland Ave 7 649
Aviation Pathway / Bristol Ave 8 635
Mabel St / Warren Ave 9 578
Camino Campestre / Randolph Way (Reid Park SUP) (Weekend) 10 529

PAG is always looking for volunteers to help with the bicycle count. If you are interested in helping out please contact

Bicycle and Pedestrian Crash Analysis
PAG updates a regional bicycle crash analysis annually with data dating back to 2001. The Bicycle Crash Analysis quantifies the number of total crashes, crashes per population and fatal crashes. In addition, many additional factors are looked at including:  

  • General location
  • Daylight conditions
  • Alcohol as a factor
  • Bicyclists and motorist actions (Going straight, turning left, turning right, etc.)
  • Bicyclist and motorist violations (Speeding, running stop sign, no improper behavior, etc.)

The crash analysis is used to help identify mitigation strategies such as wrong way signs and pavement markings, as well as to help identify enforcement education that is needed. PAG staff also will start analyzing pedestrian crash information.




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