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Dan Holladay Q&A

How did you get started riding a bike to work?   
I liked riding for exercise before I started riding to work. Then I moved to a fire station closer to my house so it seemed like a natural fit.

How far do you commute and how often?
I ride between 7 to 12 miles, depending on the route I take.
What do you like about your bike commute? And what don’t you like? Any safety concerns?
It’s a great way to start your day. I mountain bike through the desert, so I enjoy being out in nature. The scenery, the quiet, the great sunrises, the exercise and the gas and miles I save by not driving are some of the benefits of riding my bike to work. The only safety concerns I might have are wildlife and crossing any major roads or flooded washes.
Have you had any measurable positive results of bike commuting, such as money saved, weight lost, time savings, stress reduction, new friends, etc.?
I save about $60 a month on gas and about 150 miles a month on my truck. I think that my greatest benefits are the improved cardio, better sleep and stress relief.
Any recommendations on how to get started for some one new to bike commuting?
Find a safe route to work and make a trial run on a day off. Make sure you have a bike that works-- lube it, put on good tires, wear a helmet, carry a cell phone, water and a tire patch kit (know how to use it). Be sure to give yourself plenty of time. Be careful and set out to have fun!
Is there one experience you’ve had while biking to or from work that you’d like to tell about, something funny that happened?
This might not encourage people to ride to work but it was funny to me. I was riding to Station No. 1 on the Golf Links bike path when I saw a 5-gallon bucket of paint fall out of the back of a truck. The paint didn’t open and was rolling and spinning at a high rate of speed. I was concentrating on the paint and not on my bike riding. When I looked back to the path ahead of me it was just in time to see myself “centerpunch” a barrier post that launched me and my bike “head over heels.” After I laid on the path for a short period, assessing my body for injuries, I realized I was OK. I got up laughing at myself, checked out my bent up bike and nursed my way slowly to work. I now pay better attention!
Anything else that you’d like to share, maybe something that you’ve learned but wish you knew from the get go?
Explore your path to find the best route.

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