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2045 Regional Transportation Plan

Pima Association of Governments updates its long-range regional transportation plan every four years as mandated by the federal government. The next update to the plan will result in the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan. The plan, which has a 30-year horizon, provides a framework for transportation investments in the greater Tucson region.

As the 2045 RTP is developed, information will be available online. A 2045 RTP Task Force began meeting in January 2014 to provide input into development of the plan, which is expected to be completed in the spring of 2016. The Task Force will consider all elements of the regional transportation network, including, but not limited to:

  • Land use and growth forecasts
  • Public transportation
  • Congestion Management
  • High-capacity transit
  • Transportation finance
  • Transportation safety
  • Bikeways and sidewalks
  • Aviation improvements
  • Highways and arterials
  • Road maintenance


2045 RTP Outcomes - DRAFT

The following maps and documents represent the key outcomes of the 2045 RTP update process to date. The plan is still in development with PAG currently taking comments of the major elements of the plan. If you would like to submit a comment on the plan, please use the forms provided below.

2045 RTP Vision, Goals, Strategies and Performance Measures - DRAFT

The following document contains the DRAFT vision, goals, strategies and performnace measure for the region's transportation system.

2045 RTP Projects - DRAFT

The following maps and documents show a DRAFT list of projects to be included in the 2045 RTP.

2045 RTP Additional Information

Note: The 2045 RTP is still in DRAFT form and subject to change. Plan information will be updated as necessary and a public notification will be made when the DRAFT 2045 RTP is posted for final comment prior to plan approval.

If you would like more information about the plan, about how to participate in the planning effort, or to schedule a presentation, please contact Patrick Hartley at

Other RTP Considerations

PAG's regional transportation plan (RTP) identifies transportation projects that can be developed with federal, state and local funding and establishes long-range regional strategies to enhance the movement of people and goods across Pima County.

When implemented, the transportation improvements included in the plan are intended to reduce congestion, support economic growth, expand transportation choices, and enhance our environment and quality of life, making this a more efficient, livable, safe and thriving community. 

The plan is required to be financially constrained, meaning the projects that can be included in the Plan are limited to those which we can reasonably expect to pay for over the next 30 years.

The plan does not commit funding to specific projects, but transportation projects that ultimately do receive funding in our region must be consistent with the plan.


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