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Technical Services

Pima Association of Governments' Technical Services Division generates a variety of data. Major projects include conducting transportation modeling, traffic counts and population projections, and generating GIS maps and aerial photos of the region for regional planning applications.

Regional Data

Pima Association of Governments serves as a clearinghouse for the following Regional Data:

  • Regional, aerial, orthophotographic coverages
  • Travel demand forecasts and traffic count information
  • Air quality and watershed management data
  • Population estimates and projections
  • Land use and socio-economic information
  • Census program coordination, information and demographic analyses

Use of Data

The suitability for use of these data is the responsibility of the recipient. PAG makes no warranty on the results or opinions derived from these data for any project/study not conducted by PAG. 

To view other information related to the use of this data, please click here.


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