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Sustainable Environment

Pima Association of Governments’ Sustainable Environment Program is a resource for the region and its member jurisdictions. The program supports the long-term environmental, economic and social vitality of our community. This program builds partnerships and coordinates among watershed, air quality and travel demand management planners in developing data, educating, planning and advising.

The Sustainable Environment Program works with local governments, state and federal agencies, citizen and interest groups on a variety of issues including water resource and quality issues, air quality, wildlife and habitat, invasive species, recycling, travel reduction and low impact development. 
PAG’s Environmental Planning Advisory Committee(EPAC) and its subcommittees support this program by providing information, technical expertise and facilitating dialogue on regional environmental issues.
PAG has key environmental responsibilities both as the designated planning agency under Section 208 of the Clean Water Act and as the designated lead air quality planning organization in compliance with the Clean Air Act.
PAG also implements the jurisdictional travel reduction ordinances. PAG's Watershed Planning Program works to ensure proper planning of wastewater treatment facilities throughout the region and assists with regional planning and coordination. PAG assists local municipalities with stormwater regulatory compliance.  PAG’s Air Quality Planning Program assesses regional air pollution through air quality modeling that also provides input into PAG’s 5-year transportation improvement program and the long-range regional transportation plan. Research and assessments of air pollutants and greenhouse gases are conducted.
PAG’s Travel Demand Management Program addresses commute and non-commute travel choices through Sun Rideshare and the Travel Reduction Program to reduce congestion and improve air quality. Working with local employers and the business community is important in regional efforts to improve mobility across the region. Together, these programs partner to further the region’s sustainability goals for long-term maintenance of well being and building quality of life within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems.

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