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Historical record of 2010 Marana 208 Amendment Process

On Oct. 9, 2008, PAG's Regional Council directed PAG staff to begin the process to amend PAG's Areawide Water Quality Management Plan to include the Town of Marana DMA 208 Amendment.  As a first step, PAG convened the Scope of Work Task Force to resolve matters requiring interjurisdictional agreement and to provide technical review and input on the draft amendment.

The Scope of Work Task Force includes representatives from entities with a direct stake in the project, including the Designated Management Agency, the jurisdiction, impacted water providers and interested members of PAG's environmental committees (Watershed Planning Subcommittee and the Environmental Planning Advisory Committee).

All Scope of Work Task Force Meetings will be held in PAG's 5th floor conference room (177 N. Church).

For additional information about the Marana DMA 208 Amendment process or to participate in the task force, please contact Claire Zucker at (520) 792-1093 or

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Town of Marana 208 Scope of Work Task Force Meetings

Marana 208 Public Participation Packet

December 2010 Amendment and Memorandum

Previous Draft Amendments


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