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Clean Water Starts With Me

Keeping our desert waterways clean starts with you. Every year, during the monsoon season, it is easy for stormwater runoff to pick up pollutants, such as grease, fertilizer, pesticide and trash, along the way and to deposit the contaminants in our fragile desert washes.

Pima Association of Governments’ Stormwater Management Working Group annually conducts a multi-media outreach campaign in an effort to help the public understand the importance of keeping stormwater free of contaminants.

We work with local partners  to enhance our outreach including Arizona Project Wet, Watershed Management Group, the Poo Guys,  local title companies and realtors, the Household Hazardous Waste program, Tucson Clean and Beautiful, Trees for Tucson and several local media outlets, such as Mrs. Green’s World. For more information about our collaboration, please click here.

Keeping Our Water Clean

Learn how you can help protect the environment as a conscious commuter, neighbor, citizen or business by reading the following tips and applying them in your everyday lifestyle.

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Be a Conscious Commuter

  • Keep your vehicle leak free
  • Properly dispose of oil and automotive fluids
  • Use commercial car washes
  • Use alternative transportation

Be a Good Neighbor


Be a Good Citizen

  • Don’t litter
  • Pick up after your pets
  • Practice good horse keeping
  • Harvest rainwater
  • Report Illegal Dumping
  • Clean up litter in the community
  • Plant trees


Make it Your Business

  • Keep company vehicles and parking lots free of leaking fluids
  • Do not clean equipment outside near stormdrains
  • Store chemicals appropriately
  • Use landscape chemicals sparingly
  • Harvest rainwater
  • Pick up trash on your property
  • Keep dumpsters closed and leak free
  • Recycle
  • Follow stormwater protocols at construction sites

Take the Clean Water Survey!

Spend a few brief minutes telling us what you know about stormwater pollution and the importance of clean water.

  • Clean Water Survey - Click here*.

 * The survey will be posted June 23, 2014.

Quick LInks

  • Downloadable posters
  • Find your local contact for presentations and questions on stormwater:  PDF or Word
  • To report environmental concerns, call 724-7400 or complete this online form.  Please be prepared with detailed information. Guidance is available here.


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