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Raising Awareness

Since dispersed pollutants are a leading concern in stormwater pollution, creating a healthy environment depends on each household and business doing its part to reduce contaminants. Pima Association of Governments’ Stormwater Management Working Group conducts a multi-media outreach campaign during the monsoon season annually to share awareness about the importance of preventing stormwater runoff from carrying contaminants to our fragile desert washes. 

The campaign, called “Clean Water Starts With Me” also helps member jurisdictions meet regulatory requirements, keeping stormwater quality safe for people and wildlife alike.  A shared message is important for addressing regional stormwater issues within the watershed in Pima County. 

Look for Clean Water Starts With Me on billboards, bus ads, local magazines, scoop the poop stickers and movie theater ads. On Facebook, you can follow posts about current events and other related entertaining information. PAG has distributed nearly 50,000 English and Spanish brochures since the program started in 2005. Our TV and radio ads reach approximately 800,000 people in the Tucson region annually.

The Working Group also conducts a seminar targeted to the construction industry. The seminar gives the construction industry an opportunity to learn about the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) permitting process, allowable and non-allowable discharges, best management practices for arid regions, and a chance to discuss stormwater issues with jurisdictional representatives.

Watershed Pocket Guide

This new guide, which folds up to fit in your pocket,  illustrates a comprehensive approach to understanding and protecting our watershed.  The graphic on the front provides a practical guide to stormwater pollution prevention and explains how water can pick up pollution as it flows to the fragile desert waterways. This map on the flip side provides a 3D birds-eye view of our region to help the reader get to know, explore, understand the water system and to reduce our human impact within the watershed.  The guide integrates watershed and natural heritage awareness with proactive ideas about how people can restore our vital natural resources.  Available at your public library or through PAG.

This PAG Watershed Guide is a new outreach product created by PAG's Watershed Planning Program.



LID Case Studies Inventory Map

Pima County Regional Flood Control District and the Low Impact Development Working Group created an inventory of award winning case study sites in the region that demonstrate excellence in designs that heal the watershed. Designs photos, costs and summaries are available in their inventory at

Create your own self guided tour! PAG created a LID Case Studies map which can be viewed through Avenza PDF Maps,  an offline map viewer for your mobile device. Import the free Tucson Bikeways map to display your live GPS location.
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Get to Know Your Neighborhood Wash: They Are Ours to Protect!

One of the goals of "Clean Water Starts With Me!" is to aid the community stewardship of our valuable desert waterways. Click on the map to learn the names and locations of our local watersheds and nearest desert rivers. Share your knowledge with your neighbors to help decrease pollutant stress on our stormwater quality.

These maps were produced by TerraSystems Southwest for Watershed Management Group, using data from Pima County and the City of Tucson.

Campaign Awards & Accomplishments

The “Clean Water Starts With Me” campaign has received the following recognition: 

  • PAG contributed materials from the campaign to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Non-Point Source Outreach Toolbox as sample materials to help other communities develop effective targeted outreach campaigns for stormwater pollution prevention.
  • The campaign received a first-place award at the 2009 National Association of Flood and Stormwater Agencies’ (NAFSMA) conference. The “Excellence in Communication Award” was in the “Improvement in Water Quality” category. PAG coordinated with the Town of Oro Valley to submit the outreach program, which promotes stormwater pollution prevention. On Oct. 22, 2009, the Town accepted the trophy on behalf of PAG. NAFSMA represents more than 100 public agencies that conduct stormwater and flood management activities. The City of Tucson and Town of Oro Valley are members.

Outreach Materials



Activities for Children


Contact Info

Find your local contact for presentations and questions on stormwater:  PDF or Word



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