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Stormwater Management

Pima Association of Governments’ Stormwater Program coordinates stormwater pollution prevention outreach on behalf of its member jurisdictions through its annual Clean Water Starts With Me campaign for the public and through a half-day seminar for the construction industry.

The annual outreach and education helps jurisdictions and the construction industry meet state and federal regulatory requirements.

PAG’s Stormwater Management Working Group, which meets as needed, oversees the public outreach process and collaborates to present the annual seminar. In addition to local jurisdictions, members include representatives from the building and construction industry, state government, the University of Arizona and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Responsible stormwater management practices conducted today will help achieve a more sustainable future.

Program Coordination

Pima Association of Governments’ Stormwater Management Working Group meets on an as-needed basis in order to pool resources and coordinate jurisdictional efforts across the region to keep stormwater clean. The Working Group includes jurisdictional staff, state agency representatives, community interest groups and industry professionals.

Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES) regulations require that jurisdictions help protect the stormwater quality of the region. In response, the Working Group provides a forum for consistent messaging on stormwater pollution prevention and collaboration on such activities as the annual outreach campaign and construction industry seminar,where members share information on local and permitting requirements and information on best management practices.

Since its inception in 2001, the SWMWG has grown into an important forum for planning, program development, information exchange, regulatory updates, and cooperative projects. The group and its joint activities also provide networking opportunities for planners, outreach personnel, regulators and inspectors. 

For information about the Stormwater Management Working Group or its meeting schedule, please click here.

For a list of member jurisdictions, please click here.


Stormwater Outreach

The annual Clean Water Starts With Me campaign raises awareness of how to prevent contaminates from being carried by stormwater runoff into our fragile desert washes.

The campaign shares tips and resources encouraging the public to adopt a lifestyle with a low impact on stormwater resources.

The annual campaign, conducted during the monsoon season, includes messages in brochures, radio advertisements, Sun Tran buses, and billboards. Our outreach efforts even have been recognized nationally.


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