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Seminars and Conferences

PAG's Stormwater Regulations for the Construction Industry Seminar

Managing stormwater flow on construction sites is required by state law to prevent erosion and transport of soils and contaminants. Controlling stormwater discharge is important to prevent harm to washes and fragile desert ecosystems in Arizona.

Stormwater management information and guidance is provided to the construction industry through Pima Association of Governments’ annual Stormwater Construction Seminar. 

Operators can learn what is required under the Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination program and see examples of best management practices (BMPs) to include in Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans. The seminar provides an opportunity for business to interface with all the local and state regulatory agencies to understand their individual permitting requirements.

Post construction stabilization methods, including rainwater harvesting practices, are shared as well.

The free seminar occurs each spring and is limited to 120 people. Attendees may register by clicking on the registration link at top left or by calling (520) 792-1093.  Professionals in private and public sectors, including planners, designers, engineers, outreach personnel, regulators and inspectors are welcome to attend. Seminar participants receive Flood Plain Manager Continuing Education credits.

Resources provided by the 2012 seminar, including presentations, are available here. Our next seminar will take place in May 2013 and will cover the 2013 ADEQ Construction General Permit. In the meantime, you may contact one of your local MS4 contacts to request on site training. Contact information is available on the resources page linked above.


Arizona Statewide MS4 Summit

June 4, 2014, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
ADOT Human Resources office in Phoenix
Details and Agenda
Brown bag lunch provided.
Pre-registration required. Limited capacity so act now! RSVP by May 1. Contact:

The Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Statewide Summit is run by permittees for permittees.  This summit will create a space for information sharing and networking for MS4s AZPDES MS4 Coordinators, Public Works Managers, Water Quality Managers, Environmental and Construction Managers and Inspectors, and Consultants involved with SWMP implementation or development.

Pima Association of Governments is one of the members of the planning committee for the MS4 Summit and our Clean Water Starts With Me outreach campaign is serving as one of the sponsors.

Resources from past MS4 Summits:


Arid LID Conference

Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development in Arid Environments

Arid LID is an annual Southwest regional conference for professionals, advocates, educators and academics. Sessions include Green Infrastructure (GI), research, best practices, policy and regulation, and community based approaches including hands-on activities. The emphasis is finding multiple benefits and integrated approaches among various disciplines and sectors in our arid region.

LID/GI reduces water pollution by capturing and purifying rain runoff using green roofs, permeable materials, alternative street and building design, trees and rain gardens. The EPA has found that implementing well-chosen LID practices saves money for developers, property owners, and communities while protecting and restoring water quality. Beyond cost savings, amenities include enhanced property values, improved habitat, natural aesthetics, and improved quality of life. For these reasons, EPA is incorporating LID provisions in state issued stormwater permits (NPDES permits) which are required in large towns in cities.

PAG was among the planning and sponsoring agencies that brought this conference to the Tucson region in 2012. PAG's LID resources relating to the construction industry are located here and information for the general public can be found here. For more information on conference results and proceedings, research and future conferences, click here.

Stormwater Construction Seminar


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