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Travel Demand Management

Pima Association of Governments’ Travel Demand Management program includes Sun Rideshare and the Travel Reduction Program with an emphasis on reducing congestion and improving air quality. In turn, TDM helps to build environmental and economic resilience in the region.

Environmental benefits, gained through promotion of alternative forms of transportation, include reductions in air and stormwater pollution.TDM promotes the use of alternative transportation for the daily work trip to reduce pollution, energy consumption, and traffic congestion in the region.
PAG also recognizes that alternative transportation is a key component of the region’s economy because transit, carpooling, vanpooling, biking and walking provide more options to access jobs, schools, community services, recreational activities, healthcare and shopping.

Sun Rideshare helps commuters find affordable, reliable and convenient transportation to the workplace. The many free services offered by Sun Rideshare allow commuters to review all their transportation options and make educated choices for their commute.

The Travel Reduction Program provides area employers with the resources and tools to promote alternative transportation at the workplace and reduce the cost of transportation for their employees. When workers have good transportation options, businesses have a more productive, stable and reliable workforce.


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