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On October 1, 2015, the EPA announced new primary and secondary ozone standards of 70 ppb. The previous standard was 75 ppb. The Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality is required to submit attainment status boundaries to EPA by Oct. 2016. The air quality monitoring data from 2014-2016 will be used to determine if an area meets the new standards. The EPA will be issuing more technical guidance on how state and local agencies will implement these new standards.

Based on the most recent data available (2013-2015), Pima County would meet these new standards. Pima County ozone attainment status will not be known for some time.

For more information, please view the FAQ on the New Ozone Standards from PAG's Air Quality Program.

Region's Designated Air Quality Planning Agency

Pima Association of Governments’ Air Quality Planning Program develops regional air quality plans, conducts analyses to insure plans do not adversely affect air quality and ensures that air quality programs comply with all air quality requirements. With increasing concern over climate change and the role of greenhouse gases, PAG's Air Quality Planning program conducts routine emissions inventories of greenhouse gases for the region.


Clean air is essential to the economic viability and wellbeing of metropolitan Tucson, and preservation of our desert ecosystem.

Motor vehicle travel, industrial activities, land development patterns and meteorological conditions all affect air quality in the Tucson region. Understanding the primary causes of air pollution and initiating steps to curb pollution are essential for maintaining healthy air.

Currently, the Tucson region meets federal health standards. However, ground-level ozone, particulate matter and carbon monoxide are of continuing concern. National standards are established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to insure that our air remains healthy and to protect the visibility of our natural areas.

Tucson Area Air Quality Trends 2015

Tucson Area Air Quality Trends 2014

Interactive Eastern Pima County Air Quality Map

View Pima Association of Governments' interactive maps containing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data for the Tucson metropolitan area. 




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