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Regional Water Assessment

In 2010, the Regional Water Assessment Task Force was convened to help the region shape its efforts to achieve a sustainable water future.

As an initial step, the Task Force held a series of computer network-based ThinkTank sessions to gain input and guidance from stakeholders throughout the Tucson Active Management Area. The sixty four participants included elected officials, municipal managers, public and private utility managers, water attorneys, representatives from Central Arizona Project, state and federal agencies, Indian nations, University of Arizona, and people that represented economic, environmental, agricultural, and mining interests. In response to the following questions, participants generated nearly 900 responses, each of which they ranked as high, medium or low importance or priority.

  1. What regional water issues need to be addressed?
  2. What could our water use priorities be at a regional level?
  3. How can water resources be managed at a regional level? 
  4. How can water use be managed at a regional level? 
  5. How can water infrastructure for the region be funded?

In August 2011, the Task Force members completed analysis of the ThinkTank responses and generated a report that includes tables showing the responses and analysis results. The Task Force focused on those ideas that gained the highest level of consensus to identify several ThinkTank themes, which are described in the report. In addition, several regional priorities emerged out of the ideas and the Task Force went one step further to conceptualize how Regional Solution/Strategy Groups might be used to help the region follow up on the ideas generated through the sessions.

The Task Force is planning to hold a public meeting at the end of September 2011 to discuss the report and to gather additional input on possible steps forward. Please click here to request notice of the meeting.

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Think Tank Report

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ThinkTank Session Transcripts

Regional Water Assessment Task Force Members

  • Madeline Kiser
  • Sharon Megdal, Water Resources Research Center
  • Mark Stratton, Southern Arizona Water Users Association
  • Vince Vasquez, Tucson Regional Water Coalition
  • Claire Zucker, Pima Association of Governments

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