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A Green Railroad

Did you know that railroads are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of freight transportation? It's true. Freight trains are three times more fuel-efficient than over-the-road trucks and have less impact on greenhouse gas emissions than trucks.

Union Pacific is continually improving its fuel efficiency through better locomotive technology, engineer training and employee involvement. UP is part of the SmartWay Transportation Partnership, an innovative collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency to increase energy efficiency while reducing greenhouse gasses and air pollution.

The result: Since 1994, UP has achieved a 20 percent improvement in fuel efficiency. (See our Fuel Conservation Facts Sheet (PDF File) for additional details.) In 2007 alone, Union Pacific saved more than 21 million gallons of diesel fuel. At the same time, Union Pacific's new transportation plan increases traffic flow and asset utilization. Both have a big impact on lowering fuel consumption.

Vision Statement

Union Pacific will be recognized as being the environmentally responsible transportation leader.

Mission Statement

Prevention: Prevent the causes of environmental damage that result from railroad operations.
Preparedness: Develop partnership with internal and external customers to prepare for effective emergency response and tomorrow’s environmental issues.
Response: Respond to emergencies involving environmentally sensitive materials to minimize health, environmental, operational and financial impact to Union Pacific Railroad.
Recovery: Cleanup contamination for which Union Pacific is responsible.

Environmental Commitment

"Union Pacific is developing and investing in new technologies that provide for cleaner air and water, including a locomotive fleet that’s the greenest in the industry.

"Our employees understand that protecting the environment is part of every job, and they are creating and implementing world-class energy conservation techniques that are helping us to move more freight with less fuel.

"We will continue our leadership in caring for the environment while delivering the goods that America needs."

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Union Pacific is committed to protecting the nation's environment. As North America's largest railroad, Union Pacific’s service territory spans the western two-thirds of the United States. More than 32,000 miles of track connect transportation hubs in Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans, and pass through pristine mountain areas in Oregon, California, Utah and Washington. UP trains carry coal, food, grain, ethanol, minerals, lumber, metals, automobiles and chemicals, and have a major impact on the country’s economy, especially in the South and the Southwest where the U.S. population is growing the fastest.

– Jim Young

Union Pacific Environmental Management Link 

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