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Vision and Goals

In late 2006, the population of the PAG region reached the 1 million mark. This is a testament to the many factors that make the Tucson area a great place to live. However, together we can make this an even better place to live, improving the quality of life through thoughtful transportation planning. The 2040 RTP Task Force reviewed the extensive public comments to develop the following vision and goals that reflect the diversity of our region. 

Recommended 2040 RTP Vision and Goals
The 2040 RTP envisions a premier, energy-efficient, and environmentally responsible regional transportation system that is interconnected, multi-modal, technologically advanced and integrated with sustainable land use patterns.

Goals for the System:


Multi-Modal Expansion

A balanced network of expanding alternative mobility choices to meet rail, highway, transit, roadway, bicycle and pedestrian mobility needs.

Integrated Transportation Choices

A user-friendly transportation network that integrates modes within the region, connects to facilities outside the region and optimizes mobility for people and goods.

Sustainable Land Use

Vibrant, sustainable communities that link transportation and land use.

Economic Sustainability

A healthy growing economy well-served by the transportation network.


Safety and security for all transportation users across the region.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship, natural resource protection and energy efficiency in transportation planning, design, construction and management.


Transportation options and access for all users including youth, elderly, low-income, and individuals with disabilities.

System Performance

Unobstructed mobility through efficient system operations.



How We Get There:


Public Input

Continued outreach and involvement of all users in transportation decision-making.

Advanced Technologies

State-of-the-art, cost-effective delivery of transportation services and facilities.

Funding and Implementation

Revenue sources and strategies that ensure ample funding and timely project development.


Continued transparency, responsiveness and coordination to meet transportation needs throughout the region.



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