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The quarterly newsletter features commuter spotlights, Sun Rideshare rewards winners and other news features of interest to the commuting public and their employers.

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Featured Travel Reduction Program Companies

Sun Rideshare recognizes and thanks its Travel Reduction Program (TRP) employers for implementing successful travel reduction programs at their worksites to improve our air quality. Sun Rideshare is a transportation assistance program of Pima Association of Governments. Employers with 100 or more employees are required to participate in the program under a local Travel Reduction Ordinance to meet federal air quality standards. PAG congratulates the following companies and local organizations, which exceeded annual program goals in 2017. The TRP Regional Task Force and PAG-member jurisdictions appreciate the efforts of the following entities and transportation coordinators to help achieve cleaner air and a healthier environment in Pima County. Click the image to enlarge.

TRP Tucson Companies Daily Star Ad

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