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Sun Rideshare

Sun Rideshare, a regional commuter assistance program of Pima Association of Governments, offers transportation alternatives essential to the region’s seamless transit system.

Sun Rideshare provides services that make alternative transportation, such as carpooling, vanpooling, mass transit, biking, and walking more affordable, accessible and convenient.

The Sun Rideshare online Travel Database provides quick information and helps you find the best transportation option for your daily commute or trips to other destinations.

Choosing an alternative mode of transportation has never been easier and provides many benefits for you and your community: cost and time savings, reduced congestion, improved air quality, and less dependence on foreign oil.

Sun Rideshare Travel Database

The Sun Rideshare Travel Database is an online ride matching database that provides Pima County residents assistance in finding a carpool, vanpool or convenient public transit options. Thousands of people are signed up in the Sun Rideshare Travel Database, many of whom are looking to save money by carpooling.

Sign up and you will be matched with the best candidates who live and work near you and have similar work hours.

If you already use an alternative mode of transportation,  sign up to take advantage of Sun Rideshare's free Guaranteed Ride Home program, to log your trips for a chance at free rewards and to get the latest rideshare news about upcoming events and happenings.

View the Sun Rideshare Travel Database Tutorial to learn how to enter your information and more about the benefits of participating in the free Sun Rideshare program.








Try an alternative mode and win

Everyone can use a little reward now and again. You can become eligible to earn Sun Rideshare rewards by simply using an alternative form of transportation to work or other destinations.

The monthly Sun Rideshare 2017 Rewards Program is brought to you in partnership with Walgreens. Participants will be eligible to earn Walgreens gift cards, ranging from $25 to $100.



To qualify, participants must log their alternative mode trips in the Sun Rideshare Travel Calendar.  Each one-way trip logged earns one point.  All commute trips and personal trips earn points. Participants qualify for the prize drawing by earning the minimum number of points*, trips or pounds of reduced pollution specified each month. Points will not be cumulative as in previous years. You can only win once.

You can go back 60 days to log trips, but future trips cannot be entered. Contest rules change each month.

Sign up now with the Sun Rideshare Travel Database to find a carpool partner or vanpool group and to start earning points.

April 2017 Rewards Contest

  • April is Bike Fest so you have plenty of chances to win in Apirl. Get out your bike or put on your walking shoes.
  • $75 Walgreen's gift card (2) - 2 bike trips any time in April
  • $75 Walgreen's gift card (2) - 2 walking trips any time in April
  • $50 Walgreen's gift card (2) - 1 commute bike trip on Bike to Work Day (April 28)
  • $50 Walgreen's gift card (2) - 1 commute bike or walk trip during Bike to Work Week (April 24 to April 28)

Refer a Friend and Win!

Sun Rideshare invites you to refer a friend to the Sun Rideshare program and become eligible to win a Walgreens gift card. Participants are entered into the drawing each time they encourage a friend to register with Sun Rideshare. The more friends you refer, the more chances you have to win.

Winners will receive a $25 Walgreens card. Names will be drawn in March, May, July, August, October and December. Participants for the Refer a Friend promotion are eligible to win more than once.

Be sure to have your referrals include your name when they sign up in the Sun Rideshare Travel Database.

Log in to register today! 

March 2017 Rewards Winners
  • Lou Dickens, carpool and bike, IBM
  • Mark Hamblin, transit, Pima County
  • David Mayhew, streetcar, University of Arizona
  • Beth Miller, transit, Pima County
  • Thomas Mouch, bike, Raytheon
  • Denise Waldo, transit, Pima County
  • Arnold Benitz, bike and carpool, 162d WG Arizona National Guard
     Refer a Friend Winner:  Victor Stevens, Tohono O’odham Nation

February 2017 Rewards Winners

  • $100 – Yamei Chang, Metropia, carpooler
  • $100 – Audrey Dominguez, Raytheon, carpooler
  • $25 – Mary Black, U of A, biker
  • $25 – Robert Cline, Pima County, transit
  • $25 – Tony Madrid, Tucson Airport Authority, carpooler
  • $25 – David Peckarsky, Modular Mining Systems, carpooler and biker
  • $25 – Ezra Roati, Lanning Architecture, biker
  • $25 – Erika Roush, retired, biker

     Car Free Day Winner:  David Wunder, Indian Health Services, vanpooler 


Rewards Mega Users

Sun Rideshare Rewards Program participants for who achieve various levels of alternative mode usage will be recognized on the Sun Rideshare website and Facebook page each month. To view recent Mega users, please click here.

Do Zombies Carpool? Infomercial

Learn more about ridesharing in Sun Rideshare's infomercial called, "Do Zombies Carpool?" Discover how you can drive less, and if zombies really do carpool.



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