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Trico Electric Co-op

Click image to enlargeCare of our environment is important to all of us, and we want to preserve the earth for generations to come. Many people want ‘green’ energy alternatives to meet their electricity needs.

We at Trico feel the same way. We feel that renewable energy should play an important part of our electric energy portfolio, and that's why Trico developed the SunWatts program.

In the past three years, Trico’s customers have installed 131 kilowatts of renewable energy equipment via Trico's SunWatts program.  Some 32 residential Trico Members and some of Trico's large commercial customers have taken advantage of the SunWatts program!

With the SunWatts rebate program, Trico’s residential and small commercial customers can receive a rebate of $4 per installed watt for qualifying renewable energy generation systems installed on their homes or small businesses, up to 50% the total cost of the unit. For solar water heaters, Trico will rebate 50 cents for every kilowatt-hour saved over traditional water heating in the unit’s first year.

Click image to enlargeTrico, in partnership with other Arizona not-for-profit electric cooperatives, also looks for large-scale renewable projects that will benefit our members.  These projects include large purchase-power agreements from renewable energy generators and the installation of utility-scale renewable energy generating units. The Thornydale Reclaimed Water project, which involved the City of Tucson, Tucson Water and Trico, is an example of this type of partnership in action.

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