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Quaterly Q&A - Test your knowledge

How are regional transportation projects funded in the region? Check all that apply.

___Regional Transportation Authority special district 1/2-cent excise tax
___Federal funds
___State funds
___Local funds (bonds, developer impact fees, etc.)
___None of the above
___All of the above

Complete your answer to the question to see the correct answer. 

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Regional Transportation Authority
Houghton Road Update



Regional Transportation Authority
Ina Road Celebration Photos/Caption



Regional Transportation Authority
RTA Project Status - Through March 31, 2019

Projects in design ...
Under construction/implementation ...
Total number completed ...

RTA Financial Status - Through March 31, 2019

Collections ...
Funds Committed ...
Funds Expended ...
Fund Balance ...

Regional Transportation Authority
Upcoming RTA Projects



Regional Transportation Authority

Ahrens Partnering Award Recipient Photo and Caption


2020 Census Brief 10 things to know about the census


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