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Long-Range Regional Transit Plan

PAG is currently developing a Long-Range Regional Transit Plan to guide informed decisions that can enhance the public's ability to get around our region using public transportation. The plan will focus on efficiently using vehicle and labor resources and will emphasize improvements in high-performing, high-demand transit corridors while also recommending appropriate service levels for lower-performing areas. It also will focus on a “frequency first” approach consistent with the PAG 2015 Future Transit Vision and will build on the existing Frequent Transit Network.

The objectives of the plan are to:

  • Establish a long-term strategic vision for the regional transit system.
  • Estimate future transit demand and identify services gaps.
  • Understand the long-term financial outlook and system improvement costs.
  • Reinforce and build on the Frequent Transit Network.
  • Identify opportunities and optimal conditions for private partnerships and investment.
  • Explore alternative service delivery models to augment the system.

An initial Choices Report has already been drafted as part of this process, following an analysis of our region's current transit system. Public involvement has been and will continue to be programmed into the process through stakeholder workshops and open houses, and PAG transit-planning staff along with PAG member jurisdictions will eventually develop the core network elements of a 10-year network plan through an intensive design workshop guided by a qualified consultant. The plan will include service classifications, corridor prioritizations, access and coverage analysis and detailed mapping of plan elements. It is expected to to debut in the fall of 2019 following review and approval by the PAG Regional Council.

Long-Range Regional Transit Plan Stakeholder Workshop - October 2018: Supporting Visuals



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