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Pima Association of Governments’ first Rideshare Week is happening Nov. 14-18!

If you haven’t tried carpooling, vanpooling, or riding the bus or streetcar, Pima Association of Governments’ new Rideshare Week will be a great time to give one of these alternative modes a try.  For newbies or regular bus riders and carpoolers, Rideshare Week will be full of fun, entertainment, games, prizes and, possibly, new friends.

To encourage commuters to carpool and vanpool, Sun Rideshare created its own version of carpool karaoke and is inviting you to join in the fun.

Team up with your new or current carpool buddies, work associates or your family to record your own carpool karaoke video.  Please send them to Sun Rideshare,, or post them on YouTube and send us the link.

We’ll share the videos on the Sun Rideshare Facebook page and website, and the videos will be entered into a contest for the most creative, entertaining and well executed videos.  All the rules for the carpool karaoke contest are provided below. 

Rules for Carpool Karaoke

  • A carpool is two or more people.
  • Record your fellow carpoolers singing a song. Audio and visuals are required.
  • The video can be any length, but we recommend less than five minutes.
  • Send the video to Sun Rideshare,, or post it on YouTube and send us the link.
  • If the video is approved (no profanities or other vulgarities), we’ll post it on Sun Rideshare’s Facebook page, website and possibly the commute enewsletter.
  • We will accept videos starting Oct. 17 and ending Nov. 21 (9 a.m.).
  • Videos will be judged on creativity, entertainment/humor and execution.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the entire carpool for first place ($300), second place ($200) and third place ($125).

Get on board a bus or streetcar during Rideshare Week for a game of Transit Trivia.  The Trivia Master will ask questions about Tucson and transit. The passenger with the correct answer will win a goody bag full of fun treats.  One of the goody bags awarded will have an extra special prize.  The selected Transit Trivia routes will be announced 24 hours in advance on the Sun Rideshare Facebook page.  All the rules for Transit Trivia are provided below. 

 Rules for Transit Trivia

  • From Nov. 14 to 18, the Trivia Masters will be riding area buses:
    • Sun Tran – one morning peak and one afternoon peak
    • Sun Express – one per day (morning or afternoon)
    • Sun Link – two per day, anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • The Trivia Master will ask questions of the bus riders pertaining to Tucson and transit.
  • The passenger who answers the question correctly will be awarded a goody bag. Five goody bags will be awarded for each game per bus. The Trivia Master is the only judge and referee. 
  • The goody bags will have a variety of fun and edible prizes.  A higher valued item will be contained in one of the five goody bags awarded.
  • The selected bus routes (local and express) will be posted 24 hours in advance, but not the time.  For example, on Nov. 14, we will announce on Facebook that Route 8 will have Transit Trivia on Nov. 15.  We will not share the exact time, but Transit Trivia will be during peak travel times.
  • Requests for specific routes will not be accepted.

To learn more about this fun event and how you can participate, visit



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